“Payroll peace of mind”

Payroll and HR

Linking payroll with your Human Resources Strategy

The Human Resource (HR) function within a company is closely linked with the payroll function. This close connection can be easily overlooked but is essential to the success and future of the business. Even for a small business there should be an HR strategy designed to maximise the return on investment in its staff and to minimise the financial risk of employing people.

A robust HR strategy seeks to align the skills of its staff with the organisation’s ongoing and future business plans. In ensuring these objectives are met the following areas should be considered:

  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Performance, conduct and behavior management
  • Industrial and employee relations
  • Personnel data management
  • Compensation, rewards, and benefits management
  • Training and development
  • The most basic of HR steps is to make sure that all staff have relevant and comprehensive Contracts of Employment.

Implementation of these policies and processes may be directly managed by internal HR staff or can by outsourced entirely to a third-party.

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